Case Study: Business Integration - Call Center Consolidation

Situation and Objective

  • Executive leadership identified the need to develop corporate standards to improve customer experience and reduce costs

  • Company operated 25 local call centers, lacking common processes and minimal consistent experience for national customers

  • Engaged to oversee and manage the business process development, training, migration planning, technology deployment, and facility construction teams. 


  • Review current state to recommend and develop process standards with steering committee approval

  • Select 2 call center sites to support disaster recovery, sites that offer qualified local work force, state and local tax credits

  • Engage 3rd parties to build out new locations, experienced in call center construction

  • Develop migration plan based on IT, construction, and HR hiring and training plans

  • Phase consolidation by region

  • Retain key legacy employees in permanent roles to assist with on-going training to anticipate turnover

Results and benefits

  • Consolidated 25 regional call centers to 2 national centers in under 15 months; hired 700+ agents

  • Created national process standards and associated training programs

  • Implemented automated call distributors and call routing logic to help optimize staffing levels

  • Established call monitoring software to assess service and improve training