Case Study:  Program Management - Custom CRM Implementation

Situation and Objective

  • Acquisitions and rapid growth led to the proliferation of CRM systems

  • Contact Center agents were required to use up to 7 different user interfaces to service customers.

  • Customer data model for each system was specific to product lines

  • Goal of the new CRM was to provide customer service representatives and the business a complete 360 degree view of the customer in one intuitive user interface


  • Utilize a unique blend of waterfall and agile software development methodologies to implement the solution

  • Execute the Analysis and Design Phases together by drawing out requirements from business leaders and a focus group of contact center agents.

  • Present wireframes and mockups to the focus group which elicits further requirements and design considerations

  • Use the wireframes to define the new process; engage a third-party to create a highly useable interface

  • Leverage the focus group to weigh in on the new interface throughout the design process

  • Finalize design; develop the application in an iterative manner; as new features roll out, corresponding components of the old CRM systems are retired

Results and benefits

  • Quality of software delivery was greatly increased due to user-focused design and user sign-off for production release

  • Increased collaboration between IT and internal customers

  • Average Call Handling time saw a 12% improvement upon implementing first new features

  • New system provides a 360 degree view of all products, addresses, campaigns, and interactions for a customer