Case Study: Business Integration - Headquarter Consolidation

Situation and Objective

  • Executive leadership sought to achieve significant cost savings by consolidating headquarter locations

  • Looking to improve collaboration between business units and employee career opportunities

  • Opportunity to obtain state and local tax credits

  • Required a respectful people management program including relocation, displacement, hiring, on-boarding and training

  • Required a comprehensive communications program including employees, investors, customers, suppliers, media and governmental officials.


  • Recruit employees to accept relocation

  • Leverage relocating employees in the transition process

  • Accelerate hiring of critical positions where incumbents choose not to relocate

  • Maximize job shadowing timeframe and begin knowledge transition, as soon as possible

  • Build detailed current state knowledgebase with all processes, position profiles, tools, internal & external relationships, etc.

  • Provide formal on-boarding program for new employees

  • Classroom training and job shadowing

Results and benefits

  • Held media events and employee tours to improve adoption
  • Exceeded expectations of number of relocated employees
  • Established a repository of business processes and training materials
  • Conducted formalized on-boarding and training processes
  • Achieved tax credits in excess of $30M
  • Successfully managed $40M in restructuring budget, achieving rationalization targets with no negative impact to business results