Case Study:  IT Infrastructure - ERP/CRM Selection

Situation and Objective

  • Existing CRM system used for Customer Service was several years out of support

  • Existing ERP system was built on legacy technology that hindered integration with other systems, especially web store

  • Management was unable to easily access information without engaging with IT

  • Quality of Customer data was poor (i.e. significant issue with duplicates)


  • We utilized our proven Software Selection Methodology to identify Microsoft Dynamics and Epicor as the best fits for this particular distribution and on-site service company.

  • Based on extensive demonstrations, technical evaluations and negotiations, Epicor was selected as the solution

  • Managed Epicor professional services resources and internal resources to deliver the entire solution

  • Keys to success:

    • Data cleansing and consolidation

    • Robust testing plan and mock migrations

    • Change management

Results and benefits

  • Consolidated two systems into one integrated enterprise system

  • Modules implemented:  GL, AR, AP, Order Entry, MRP, Purchasing, Inventory, Customer Management, Contract Management, Campaign Management, web store integration

  • Converted nearly $6M in inventory with a variance of $8.

  • Converted over $9M of Accounts Receivable with no variance

  • Consolidated 17,436 customer records in both legacy systems to 14,157 records in Epicor