Case Study:  Merger Integration - National Lab Distributor

Situation and Objective


  • Integration support for acquisition of $200M privately-held national distributor of reference lab products
  • Provided meaningful relationships to elusive customer segment
  • Synergies opportunities including pull-through of other private label brands, buy-side supplier funding, reduced costs by leveraging distribution network


  • Assess integration opportunities for satellite facilities
  • Implement transportation contract conversions
  • Integration operations platforms with an internal 3PL model
  • Assess opportunities to eliminate third party importers
  • Optimize legacy DC layouts using lean design

Results and benefits

  • Corporate Real Estate engaged to negotiate and manage properties and improve visibility to expiring leases
  • Established a “warehouse within a warehouse” to leverage existing infrastructure, but maintain seamless experience with customers
  • Realized transportation savings of $780k
  • Exceeded annualized synergy targets while coming in under budget for integration expenses