Case Study:  Program Management - Mobile Application Development

Situation and Objective

  • Rapidly growing Field Sales team that was looking to expand product lines and into new geographies

  • Partnership with a third party software vendor that was expensive and time-consuming to maintain

  • Large capex and opex IT expenditures that did not result in ownership of software tools

  • No in-house mobile development skills

  • Replace third party tool with custom developed native iOS application that client owns


  • Lead contractor selection process – evaluate RFP responses and interview local and national candidates

  • Define and document requirements with input from all levels of the organization, including shadowing in the field with multiple agents

  • Review wireframe mockups with focus groups in multiple sites

  • Manage Agile development and implementation of a customized CRM and sales execution iOS application

  • Beta site launch followed by on-site training rollout to 15 other branch offices in 6 states

  • Develop in-house mobile practice with knowledge transfer to internal employees for post-project maintenance

Results and benefits

  • Beta version developed in 5 months and rollout to remaining 15 branches completed in 8 months

  • Relationship with third party retired, eliminating a monthly per-user subscription cost that was rising with growth of division

  • 30% sales growth comparing periods directly before and after the app release attributed to the speed and efficiency of the new tool

  • Iterative release approach allowed new features to be added when business demands shifted, fueling new initiatives