Customer Solutions

Unlock powerful performance levers in your business. Provide a platform for growth.  Optimize Price. Retain customers . . . and do so while transforming your Marketing, Sales, and Service capabilities.

We help you maximize your ROI on customer-related investments:

Marketing Excellence

The mandate is crystal clear: Innovate. Deliver meaningful ROI. Acquire and deepen relationships digitally - yet the way forward is less so.

Insight and analytics


Data is too often siloed, uncleansed, and spread out across the organization, making analysis painful and time consuming. External data sources and specialized skills are often required, complicating matters further.  Even when data access and usability is grand, balancing the effort and time invested with results remain a challenge.

Service transformation


But this isn’t easy to achieve and there are often many unknowns: - What does leading practice look like and how do we compare? - Is our current level of spend effective? - How can we lower our cost to serve yet deliver better results? - Can we transform from a cost center to a revenue generating function? - Could automation and omni-channel strategies help streamline, scale and ‘future proof’ our operations? - Where can we personalize services to achieve better results with specific customer segments? - Are ‘moments of truth’ well defined and do they act as leading indicators of performance? - Is there a correlation between customer metrics (e.g. NPS) and customer behavior (e.g. spend, retention)? - Where could additional investment unlock significant benefits?

Price and Revenue Management

Price improvements go straight to the bottom line and are by far the most powerful way to grow revenue and expand margins.  These opportunities come in many shapes and sizes, from optimizing customer discounts and avoiding hidden costs, to eliminating revenue leakage and margin erosion throughout sales and after-sales processes. 

CRM & Automation Platforms

CRM solutions, and the ecosystem of automation technologies that come with it, do just that. They enable Sales, Marketing, and Service organizations to transform, systematically scale, and delight customers.  The business becomes more productive and effective, able to achieve more with less growth in headcount over time.