Manufacturing Operations Improvement

The shift to advanced manufacturing processes and technologies continues, and small to medium-sized manufacturing companies need to ensure their manufacturing remains competitive with local and global competitors.

A focused review of a company’s manufacturing cost structure, workforce productivity and asset utilization is a great way to identify the improvement initiatives that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.   Some companies will see the biggest benefits focusing on the talent/workforce side of the equation while others will see larger gains in process optimization and advanced technology deployment initiatives.    


FBC approach

Based in proven LEAN principles, our approach helps simplify complexity and reduce the “Seven Deadly Wastes”.  From experience, we have found that delivering quick, incremental improvement initiatives often provides an appealing time-to-benefit as well as sustaining value.  In order to minimize the number of active projects and accelerate payback periods, we work with our clients to identify, quantify, prioritize, and implement operations improvement initiatives.  Using this approach, we help clients transition to a manufacturing environment which favors speed and flexibility over volume and cost allocation, making them more nimble in responding to customer demands.   


Bottom line

All of our projects are conducted in close partnership with client teams to identify critical/unique business requirements, evaluate potential solutions, develop the business case and efficiently deploy new processes and tools as appropriate.