Marketing Excellence


The mandate is crystal clear: Innovate. Deliver meaningful ROI. Acquire and deepen relationships digitally - yet the way forward is less so.

Copy cat competitors. Outdated tools and processes. Internal bureaucracy at the expense of selling. Too much farming and not enough hunting. Poor operational support. High turnover. There are many reasons sales organizations struggle to reach their potential.


FBC approach

Methodically working through these challenges is what we do. We help clients turn big data into usable insights, evaluate and build the necessary capabilities to transform digitally and maximize the omni-channel opportunity – all in the context of achieving a meaningful ROI on marketing spend. There is usually no single, magic solution but rather a portfolio of technology, people, process, and data-driven tactics that are delivered over time and often with cross-functional resources supporting the cause.


Bottom line

We help Marketeers navigate, and greatly benefit from, the digital world