Mergers and Acquisitions

Strong leadership and a clear strategy are keys to a successful merger. We can help avoid the common pitfalls by setting the strategy and maintaining focus.

Identifying M&A targets, conducting due diligence, developing an integration strategy and efficiently executing on that strategy can be time consuming, distracting, and sometimes even overwhelming for an organization.  It's important to address these concerns while remaining focused on synergy realization and long-term value capture.  Creating a dedicated, cross functional, team of subject matter experts to drive the M&A integration has become a best practice in many organizations. 


FBC approach

Our approach to M&A starts with the end in mind…an efficient and effective future state organization that delivers increased value.  Working closely with client leadership teams, we start by confirming the strategic rationale of the deal and refining the valuation and synergy assumptions.  Then, we guide the team in developing a tailored integration strategy and a detailed, function-specific, integration plan.  Once the plan is in place, we lead the team through the execution phase where the strategic, operational, and financial benefits come to fruition.  


Bottom line

Leveraging our experience leading over 20 integration programs of various sizes, we help maximize each client’s ability to achieve the strategic, operational and financial objectives of the acquisition through an accelerated, structured approach