New Product and Service Development

Are there opportunities to make your R&D organization more efficient and effective? Applying traditional value stream analysis and LEAN tools to your product and service development processes is a great way to reduce cost and shorten time to market.  

Based on our experience, refining stage gate processes, and deploying information management & workflow management tools where appropriate, can reduce the cost of your R&D labor and improve your time to market.  Furthermore, developing well thought out business cases for new product introductions helps ensure that investment dollars and risk are aligned with the potential rewards.


FBC approach

We work closely with functional leaders across your organization to identify and quantify your product development inefficiencies.   Starting with quick-hit opportunities, we work with your team to plan, design, and deploy process and technology improvements to help you become a best in class R&D organization.


Bottom line

By engaging and aligning with your leaders from the onset, we build the necessary momentum to achieve lasting change.