Service Transformation


Leading organizations systematically delight and retain customers, and do so in a very cost effective way. 

But this isn’t easy to achieve and there are often many unknowns:
 - What does leading practice look like and how do we compare? 
 - Is our current level of spend effective? 
 - How can we lower our cost to serve yet deliver better results? 
 - Can we transform from a cost center to a revenue generating function?
 - Could automation and omni-channel strategies help streamline, scale and ‘future proof’ our operations?
 - Where can we personalize services to achieve better results with specific customer segments?
 - Are ‘moments of truth’ well defined and do they act as leading indicators of performance? 
 - Is there a correlation between customer metrics (e.g. NPS) and customer behavior (e.g. spend, retention)?
 - Where could additional investment unlock significant benefits? 


FBC approach

We partner with service functions of all types (Field Service, Technical Services, Shared-Services, Customer Service, etc.) to answer these questions and more. The journey typically starts with identifying gaps relative to leading practice and moves onto optimizing the service strategy – i.e. what services are provided to which customers through which channels with what experience or service levels. A long term roadmap and short term implementation plan deliver the strategy via a customized mix of technology, org, data, and process-based enablers.


Bottom line

We help you build a compelling vision and deliver on that promise.