Strategic and Financial Services

We work with CEOs and CFOs to create alignment around the company's strategic vision.

We help define the path to that vision, prioritizing, accelerating, and tracking the most important initiatives through our Strategic & Financial service offerings.
FBC's Strategic Planning approach drives prioritization and alignment on the critical, cross-functional initiatives needed to realize the company's vision. Through our Transformation Management offering, we bring the structure required to execute those initiatives by efficiently managing budgets, risks, and resources while providing the leadership needed to sustain lasting change across the organization. Our tailored C-Suite offerings deliver measurable value through M&A, Cost Reduction, and Financial Operations Excellence. 

Whether your organization is pursuing growth or looking to improve profitability, FBC's experienced team is positioned to support you in realizing your vision.


Transformation Management

In the face of countless priorities, aligning people and captial to realize the value of the most strategic inititiaves is critical.

Enterprise Cost Reduction


Even in times of growth, a more agile, cost-effective organization is often essential.




Mergers and Acquisitions


Over 70% of M&A deals fail to achive their internal synergy targets and approximately 50% of customers say they are less satisfied with a company’s service two years after a merger.   In short, the vast majority of acqusitions fail to meet internal and external expectations. 





Financial Operations Excellence

The role of Finance has changed. Efficiency and effectiveness are hardly table stakes. The Finance function must embrace its growing role as an advisor, leader, and service hub for the business.