Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution 


FBC's Strategic Planning approach drives prioritization and alignment on the critical, cross-functional initiatives needed to realize the company's vision.

Some companies plan well. Others don't. Regardless of the planning acumen, few companies actually understand how their strategy is being activated. Whether it's prioritizing the right initiatives, tracking them, or establishing the governance across the business to keep every area aligned with the strategic vision, many executives don't have a transparent view of how their strategy is being turned into action.


FBC approach

We are obsessed with activating strategy. Whether it's our proprietary prioritization methodology, our templates and dashboards for measuring and tracking strategic initiative performance, or our experience in establishing executive transformation offices, we have provided our C-Suite clients unparalleled activation of their strategies.


Bottom line

We don't believe that strategic planning is a one-time-a-year exercise. Our experience in making the planning and execution of your strategy a "way of living" has helped our clients realize sustainable, long-term value.