Supply Chain Planning

Supply chains are not linear.  They are a web of complex interactions intended to provide the right customer the right product, at the right place, at the right time and price.  Elevating supply chain effectiveness involves continuously improving the understanding of customer desires and behaviors, relentlessly shortening lead times, and eliminating rework.  

Supply Chains offer an opportunity for real competitive advantage.  Not merely through the assets deployed, but also through collaborative planning, insights into customer data, and the synchronization and differentiated capabilities that provide value-added services to thrill customers.    


FBC approach

We help supply chain teams learn how to gather data and insights that yield fact-based decisions that improve customer satisfaction and eliminate rework and waste.  Our approach to helping clients create and foster this culture of continuous improvement and employee engagement involves introducing a handful of key tools that help client teams look cross-functionally for underlying supply chain cost and quality drivers.  


Bottom line

FBC helps clients define and align strategic relevance that starts with the customer.  We facilitate end-to-end process and tool development that provides more than merely balancing supply and demand, we collaborate with clients to enhance supply chains resiliency, not redundancy.  We help to shorten lead times through process standardization and employee engagement by working with our smaller team footprint to effectively facilitate joint sales and operational planning.