Technology Cost Optimization 

IT organizations are adding tremendous value to the bottom line every day, week, month, and year.  However, all too often, IT is asked to rationalize costs to improve overall company performance.  

A carefully crafted approach to cost-cutting will not only alleviate immediate pain, but will also endure as a lasting process of continual evaluation.  The success of any cost reduction effort depends upon the true identification of opportunities for improvement.  Involving a broad cross-section of key players from the IT organization in identifying and evaluating areas for improved efficiency is critical.  This not only surfaces the obvious sources of savings, but will more importantly uncover the hidden opportunities.


FBC approach

FBC approaches cost optimization in a thoughtful and respectful manner.  We always start with the assumption that all areas of IT have the intent and desire to deliver value.  To assess the value delivered by each area of IT, we start with the corporate strategy and leverage any Project Portfolio Management work that is already in place.  We work with your team to evaluate the strategic and business alignment all IT areas including Applications, Infrastructure, Support, Outsourcing, Vendors, etc.  Using LEAN principles, we work with your team to develop a set of immediate cost optimization recommendations and a road-map for managing and rationalizing spend going forward.  


Bottom line

We realize that cost optimization initiatives are sensitive and difficult for any organization. We strive to be an objective voice in emotionally charged discussions and analyses into cost reduction opportunities. Our goal is that all recommendations are aligned with the corporate strategy and respectful of those that are impacted.