Warehouse and Logistics Management

Warehouses exist to buffer against uncertainty and lost sales.  They are an investment, but in and of themselves, they provide little value unless they deliver unmet customer needs through robust logistics management and compelling value-added services. 

Eliminating "non-value-added" warehousing and logistics activities reduces complexity and therefore lead times and costs.  Reducing complexity reduces the possible points of failure and therefore increases quality which reduces rework and further reduces costs.  That is why it has been said, "simplicity is perfection in disguise".   At FBC, we work to simplify warehouse and logistics processes and systems.  


FBC approach

At FBC we believe logistics is about quality and speed.  Our team has broad and deep experience guiding clients through the process of identifying and implementing solutions that drive more efficient operations.  

We work to reduce operating costs through defect reduction, and implementing concurrent, rather than sequential, processes.  We help rationalize stocking decisions and process customization.  We have a goal of "postponement" - finalizing decisions close to the customer.  Our teams help empower employee decision making through "table top exercises" and foster a continuous improvement mindset.  


Bottom line

Complexity breeds inflexibility.  If teams don't understand "the box", how can they be expected to think outside it?   Our approach to logistics management embraces the concept that "simplicity is perfection" and we facilitate a relentless pursuit of cost reduction and quality improvement by helping client teams reduce complexity to reduce variability, lead times and process defects.